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  • Mrs. Freya Benau (03/08/2017)

Severe shooting pain on the top or back of the head. Pain lasts for 20-30 minutes if it occurs. She had it for about one year.
She felt the pain reduced the intensity and frequency after the initial treatment. She had treatments twice a week for 3 weeks. Now her pain is almost gone.

  • Ms. Jennifer DeFalco (10/19/2018)

Severe low back pain with numbness on the left side leg for a month.
She felt the pain dramatically reduced after the initial treatment. She had three (3) treatments in two (2) weeks. She felt much better and low back pain is almost gone.

  • Ms. Cecilia Brauer (03/04/2019)

Ms. Brauer was a professional pianist at Metropolitan Opera House. She had a stroke about 3 years ago and her left arm becomes weak and feels out of control.  Involuntary movement on the left hand and numbness feeling prevents her from playing a piano. As soon as she started an acupuncture treatment, the involuntary movement of the left arm was stopped and left hand feels stronger and better in shape slowly.

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